Alliance sport for all Vojvodina (formerly the Union of recreational sports) works in Vojvodina since 1952, endeavoring to continually expanding family of amateurs. Our operation is based on the concept of the Alliance of European ideas about sport for all – sport belongs to everyone, regardless of age, gender, race, psycho-physical capabilities. The right to the practice of sport is a universal right of all those who move, exercise, game or competition in the leisure pleasure.
Alliance of Vojvodina sport for all acts as a movement in the field of Sport for All – recreation, which aims to promote and promotion of healthy lifestyles and activation of citizens and employees in the recreational training and competition during free time.
In accordance with the Law on Sports of the Republic of Serbia and the Strategy for the development of sport in Vojvodina and Serbia, the Alliance has focused its program activities in a number of sports and recreational and competitive activities, tailored to all age categories of citizens.
Alliance of Vojvodina sport for all involved in a number of actions and events of the Association Sport for All Serbia.
In cooperation with the affiliated members and partner organizations that implement sport-recreational and competitive programs expanding family recreational athletes and increasing the number of those who want to be active and to get acquainted with all the values ​​of regular physical activity.
Thousands of amateurs – the competitors are enjoying the many activities in clubs, associations, societies, municipal and city covenants of Sport for All, organized groups or individually, and their motive is health, ability, pleasure, companionship.
Alliance sport for all Vojvodina has a wide network of members throughout Vojvodina – so organized infrastructure to the Alliance of Vojvodina sport for all to successfully carry out all the programming tasks in the field of recreational sports in Vojvodina.
Alliance of Vojvodina sport for all is a member of the Sports Association of Vojvodina and the Association Sport for All Serbia.
Through the Association Sport for All Serbia (whose member) maintained direct contact with international organizations whose member associations.